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Keynote / Motivational Speaker

Experienced keynote speaker for groups of up to 300 attendants, we provide passionate, provocative approaches to subjects, injecting challenging international, multi-cultural perspectives and real-life cases that make audiences both smile and think…

Patrick E.J. Rottiers has an exceptional flair for captivating, motivating and inspiring an audience.

He paints vivid images and concepts that stay alive in the minds of the audience to continue to inspire long after the keynote has ended…

He is passionate about conveying the message in tailored, palatable formats.

Responding instinctively to the climate of his audience, Patrick invariably creates an immediate bond with participants, facilitating acceptance of his message. An able intellect sees him enjoy debating ‘on the fly’ in interactive situations, and his academic work at respected universities around the world keeps his skills finely honed.