We provide services that enable our clients to substantially up-skill their organisation while totally focused on both quality and quantifiable results.
PROConsulting International Ltd. helps management teams take on the world!

Management Development Training & Seminars

Give your team a concentrated boost with our intensive training sessions. We provide inspiring, focused workshops delivered to target your precise needs.

Our expertise in presenting outstanding workshops and seminars has been recognized internationally by both the business world and government trade organisations – we regularly participate in designing and delivering high-level management training across a range of disciplines.

Author and presenter Patrick EJ Rottiers holds a univ degree in education in addition to his wide experience at top-level international business.

Patrick has a vast experience working w managers from around the world in typically internationally-focused organisation.

Our programs contain unique concepts, not found anywhere else and are inspired and validated by years of international practice.

We deliver our seminars both ‘in-house’ and ‘residential’, ‘residential’ often provides the better concentration and the superior outcome.

Our most popular seminar categories (so far):

  1. ‘International negotiations in a multi-cultural environment ‘
  2. ‘Convincing not Presenting – Advanced Presentation Skills ‘
  3. Project Management for non-project managers
  4. Maximising the return of international trade shows
  5. Proposal Writing

PROConsulting International Ltd works with government and economic development agencies, industry clusters, chamber of commerce to raise management capability by providing fresh, intensive, top-level training.

Within New Zealand alone, we delivered 50+ seminars, reaching 500+ businesses.

We are especially happy to continue our contribution in the development of high-performance industry clusters.

Patrick was a major inspiration in bringing the Canterbury Development Corporation’s Hi-Tech launch Platform to its status as New Zealand’s premier technology commercialisation programme.