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Government Advisor

Government Advisor

We are advisors to both national and regional governments in matters relating to innovation strategies, international business development strategy, support strategies for management development, etc.

Flanders Trade & Investment

As “Advisor to Flanders Investment and Trade for New Zealand”, we are the New Zealand-based economic antenna for the Flemish government.

We provide research, introductions and support for Flemish, Belgian companies seeking to develop commercial collaborations with New Zealand partners.

We are instrumental in developing new and existing innovation-based economic collaboration models between industry clusters, research institutes and economic development agencies.

We are on record for portraying New Zealand not only as a stable, healthy market but offering unparalleled access to the south pacific islands and, via a New Zealand partner, to the countries New Zealand has Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) with.

We are passionate about facilitating trade and investment with Flanders, the premium logistics hub into Europe and a hotbed of world-class research and innovation in agritech, pharma, chemistry and of course, food.


Patrick E.J. Rottiers

Advisor to Flanders Investment and Trade for New Zealand

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