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Congratulations to the Grand Winner of the UC Entré $75K Challenge Competition 2013: Agrisolar!

October 1, 2013

Congratulations to the Grand Winner of the University of Canterbury Entré Entrepreneurship $75K Challenge Competition 2013: Agrisolar!  announced at the Annual Awards Ceremony 26th September.

It was our pleasure to mentor Daniel  Risi & Kaye McKee during the last weeks to see them win the Grand Winner’s prize, worth $75K !

Agrisolar is all about making (dairy) farms greener by mixing of the shelf and new technologies and delivering them in the market with the best possible partners to assure a fast roll-out.

Kaye & Daniel took on the many challenges we raised and upgraded concept and documents meeting after meeting, well done guys !

Quietly confident we will hear more great news from them real soon !

‘Well done’ to the other young entrepreneurs winning many of the other prizes!

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