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Who is Patrick E.J. Rottiers?

Patrick E. J. Rottierswww.linkedin.com/in/patrickrottiers

ProConsulting’s founder and CEO Patrick E.J. Rottiers is an outspoken, passionate professional….
He is an inspiring communicator, university lecturer, keynote speaker and management consultant with a track record of sparking organisations to become “WorldClass” and beyond!

Raised in Belgium, the heart of Europe, a trilingual and tricultural melting pot, Patrick E.J. Rottiers has enjoyed working in multi-cultural societies such as Switzerland, California, East Africa and West Africa.

Communicating on a daily basis in various languages with various continents and touring the world twice a year, Patrick E.J. Rottiers is truly ‘international’ and ‘multi-cultural’, highly relevant in the context of both international marketing/communications and developing businesses in multi-cultural societies.

This talent was recognised when he was nominated ‘Advisor for Foreign Trade’ by the Belgian Ministry of Affairs and Trade in 1993.

Patrick is a substantial contributor to academic postgraduate programmes worldwide. He teaches-to-inspire managers in programs such as MIE (Master in Innovation and Engineering), MBA (Master of Business Administration), ExecutiveMBA, MEM (Master of Engineering Management), MGM (Master in Global Management).

His teaching reflects the immersion in technology and innovation that has characterised his career to date. Based on a degree in education, Patrick’s innovative teaching methodology and his inspiring use of technology, ( he was member of K-12, Apple’s specialist group for high-tech educators), have made his teaching work stand out, described by one MBA student as “you have transformed us!”

His particular talent for teaching and mentoring management teams is deeply rooted in the philosophy of challenge, the most powerful mental accelerator, to bring out the best and make managers rise to the occasion.

His relentless search for superior outcomes and expertise gained in a high-level career, forge a catalyst to strategically advance companies’ and management teams, so crucial in the ultra competitive global marketplace.

Patrick was an inspirational and strategic force driving Canterbury Development Corporation’s Hi-Tech Launch Platform becoming New Zealand’s premier technology commercialisation programme. Soon enough, Patrick was invited to extend his push for better commercialisation practices into other sectors, bringing his innovative programs to the Software Cluster, Fashion and Outdoor Apparel cluster, and Nutraceutical/Biotechnology clusters.

After 20 yrs in international management in the USA, Africa and Europe, Patrick decided to quit a blue-chip director’s position to pick a new challenge: migrate to New Zealand to start up an ‘innovative, avant-garde international management consultancy firm, PROconsulting International in 1999.

Why New Zealand as international headquarters?

A firm practitioner of ‘alles kan beter’, ‘all can be improved’; Patrick found New Zealand to be a refreshingly dynamic environment. Punching way beyond its weight New Zealand inspires the world with bright thinking; forging creative solutions.

David to the world’s Goliath, NZ’s economy in its search for uber-competiveness is Patrick’s hot laboratory. Every year PROconsulting International Ltd. has worked with some 60 businesses, injecting cutting-edge thinking to achieve and sometimes surpass set goals.

A savvy, high-tech international hotspot, PROConsulting and its client organisations seamlessly switch back and forth between meeting-in-person and video-conferencing, regardless of location and time-zone.

Last but not least, for those who recognise the power of work-life balance, NZ offers an amazing almost instant access to awe-inspiring landscapes/outdoors, proving a fabulous source of inspiration and energy.