We provide services that enable our clients to substantially up-skill their organisation while totally focused on both quality and quantifiable results.
PROConsulting International Ltd. helps management teams take on the world!

Inspiring smarter management and better business

About PROConsulting International Ltd.

Celebrating 25 yearsPROConsulting International Ltd. is a premier international management consultancy firm, based in New Zealand, specialised in international commercialisation & sustainable business development.

We provide Management Consultancy,  Executive Coaching and Management Training; maximizing organisational performance to produce immediate, lasting results.

Our point of difference? We practice, we train and we teach!  Each activity enriches the other, benefitting the client!

We practice what we train and teach, daily, in the management consultancy, since 1999, we train, management development training for almost 30 years, and teach, post-grads in various international business and management schools, … and around the world, since 2005.

Our clients benefit from real-world expertise, with academic depth and relevance and 25+ years of multi-cultural, multi-sector experience.

Working systematically with management teams across multiple hi-tech sectors, we can test, transfer insights and concepts across biotech, ICT, Agribusiness, food, embedded software, etc.

Our focus:

  • Leadership development
  • Negotiation
  • Advocacy
  • Influencing
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Public Sector negotiation
  • Executive training
  • Value creation
  • Cross-cultural executive training